For comprehensive nursing care in Qatar, we have been the safe hands of the medical services since 2012 and are continuing our path towards providing the best quality health services for the vision of Qatar 2020 and providing all the amenities and health care to our valued patients.

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Taking care of the premature baby

Taking care of the premature baby

Taking care of the premature baby

Premature babies are born early or before the end of the full term. Parents having a first-time premature baby is in need of full assistance and knowledgeable health care to assist the baby. Taking care of premature comes with lots of responsibility. Factors and preparation to consider when taking care of premature babies:
– monitoring their development and health.
– giving extra special care
– proper ways and position on feeding premature
– proper changing of clothing and diaper
– proper medication and on time check-up
– proper care on giving a bath.

Ensuring that premature babies have a clean environment and things to use including.
– proper cleaning of feeding bottles.
– changing beddings/linens

we render a quality services/care to ensure that premature baby gets the quality care they need and every parent are satisfied.